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What to Expect When You Get Braces On

You’re about to join over 4 million people in braces! Some people might feel a little anxious when getting braces on, but with Dr. Yang you are definitely in great hands! Dr. Yang is so passionate about orthodontics and takes pride in giving each patient the personal care and attention they need and deserve! Also, […]


Cost of Braces

“How much do braces cost?” is a question that is searched an average of 10,984 times a month according to Google Trends. That means that there are a lot of people out there who are interested in getting this orthodontic treatment but are worried about the cost. If you are one of these people, you […]


Gap Bands

If you have a small gap in your front teeth, why spend $5,000-$6,000 on braces or clear aligners when you can get some gap bands on Amazon for $6.99? Seems like a no brainer since all you need to do is move two teeth a little bit closer together. However easy it may seem to […]


Am I a candidate for Invisalign

A couple decades ago, the thought of shifting teeth and creating beautiful smiles without the use of clunky metal wires and braces sounded unbelievable to the dental community and its patients. Flash forward to today, thousands of patients are using Invisalign as their primary treatment to help them get the smile of their dreams. You […]


Straight Teeth = Healthy Teeth

A large number of people that walk into an orthodontics office go there to fix their teeth for purely cosmetic purposes. Some of those people end up turning around after hearing the price for fixing a couple crooked teeth. But, did you know that having straight teeth can have a direct positive impact not only on your mouth but also on your mind and body.


The Perfect Diet for Healthy Teeth

Daily flossing and brushing habits do wonders in protecting your pearly whites, but what you eat has nearly as much effect on your teeth. Most people have the assumption that food can only negatively affect their teeth with all the sugars that cause cavities and acids that wear down the enamel. While there are foods that you should avoid or limit, there are also foods that you should incorporate into your diet.


Cavities 101

Cavities. A word that’s known pretty universally. However, many people only know the shallow definition of what a cavity is, how it’s formed and how to prevent it. A cavity is basically the decaying of a tooth. A cavity doesn’t just appear in one day either, it takes time for them to even become visible to the naked eye. So, how does a cavity begin?