Expert Advice for Athletes with Braces

School, sports, and braces all come around the same time in a child’s life. It’s a lot to juggle for both you, the parent, and your child. Not only do you have to make sure they did their homework, packed their sports bag but now, with braces, your concern for their safety is heighted even more because you want your child to be showing off their brand new smile as soon as possible.

Protection in sports is important, especially ones that have physical contact. When you add braces to the mix, it’s even more important to take the necessary precautions for your child to stay safe. The last thing needed is for your child to have an oral injury due to the metal components of braces smashing against their lips and cheeks.

At Yang Orthodontics we want to make sure you and your child are aware of all the options that will help them stay safe and protected the next time they step onto the field, mat, mound or arena.

Standard mouthguard

In most contact sports, it’s advised for all players to wear a mouthguard to help protect their mouth and teeth. A standard mouthguard is the bare minimum that we recommend for a child that has braces. Although a standard mouthguard may not have as comfortable of a fit when worn with braces, it will provide the bare minimum protection needed to keep your child’s teeth safe and intact.

Orthodontic mouthguard

There are mouth guards that have been created specifically for kids with braces. When compared to standard mouthguards, orthodontic mouthguards are typically a little bigger to fit comfortably over braces. They are also made out of a softer material such as silicone to provide more comfort and cushion in the event of an accident, whereas standard mouthguards are often made of plastic material.

Emergency actions

Even with protection, accidents can happen and brackets and wires can end up dislodged in the process. When this occurs, it’s important to take immediate actions. If your child feels a wire poking, a bracket break or something just feels off in their mouth, they should tell you right away so an appointment can be scheduled as soon as possible. Fast action can help prevent the issue from getting worse and extending your child’s treatment. Most orthodontic practices, including Yang Orthodontics, offer emergency scheduling to help you and your child in a timely manner.

If you’re just starting to look for an orthodontic treatment for your child, click here to schedule a FREE consultation with Yang Orthodontics. Dr. Yang will be able to advise you and your child on the best treatment and if braces don’t seem to be the best fit for your child, we also offer Invisalign for all ages!

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