How to Deal With Orthodontic Emergencies

When an orthodontic emergency occurs at home you may begin to panic and call your orthodontic provider to set up an appointment as soon as possible. However, very few emergencies will require immediate care and most can be fixed at home. In this blog, we’ll discuss the most common issues you may face with your orthodontic appliance and some quick fixes you can do at home to save you an extra trip to the orthodontic office.

Loose or Broken Bracket

A loose or broken bracket can occur from rough play, fidgeting with your brackets or eating hard/sticky food. While it may seem like a disaster, this is not necessarily an emergency.

If a bracket loosens, we would recommend putting wax overtop of it to keep it in place and ease any possible discomfort that may come from it. If the bracket completely breaks off, that’s not a problem either since your braces will work properly with one missing.

Food Stuck In Braces

Having food stuck in your teeth is one thing, but having it stuck in your braces may feel even more uncomfortable and be more visible. To save you from embarrassment and discomfort, we recommend using a floss with a small knot tied in it to help you remove the food particles. Using a waterpik or a braces floss threader are great alternatives as well!

Pokey Wire

Wires can sometimes slide out of place and cause some discomfort and irritation in the poth from poking into the side of the cheek. If this ever happens, fear not, there are a few things you can do. The simplest way is to pinch off a pea sized ball of ortho wax and place it overtop of the end of the wire (refer to the image on the right). Then, next time you have your checkup, just ask to have the wire adjusted back in place and you’ll be good to go!

The second option you have to fix the discomfort is to use a clean Q-tip or a sanitized pencil eraser to gently push the wire so that it is flat against the tooth. Ortho wax may still be applied if the affected area is overly irritated.

Broken Rubber Band

The color you choose of your braces are in reality the little rubber bands applied on each of the brackets. Besides giving your smile some extra flair, they provide extra security for keeping the wire in place. If these small rubber bands ever snap off, the world won’t end and your braces will continue to do their job in creating a beautiful smile. Just let your orthodontist know at your next appointment and in the meantime if the wire begins to slide around, use some sanitized tweezers to move it in place.

As you can see, most of the common issues you may experience can be easily solved at home. So, we hope to have been able to put your mind at ease and save you some extra time and gas money on a trip down to your orthodontic office. If you’re looking to start treatment or looking for an orthodontist in the Buck County area, feel free to give us a call at 215-757-0864 or click here for a free consultation!

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