Limited brackets are placed on the lower arch to upright the lower left second molar in preparation for lower first molar dental implant.

Adjunctive Orthodontic Treatments

Adjunctive orthodontic treatment is used to assist in making proper space for replacement teeth. Learn more below.

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Adjunctive orthodontic treatment, by definition, is the tooth movement carried out to facilitate other dental procedures necessary to control disease, restore function and/or enhance appearance. The purpose for this kind of treatment is to improve periodontal health, correct the bite, and/or clear the way for restorative treatment.

What are examples of adjunctive orthodontic services?

Adjunctive orthodontic treatment is used to assist in making proper space for replacement teeth.

An adjunctive orthodontic service can be any orthodontic procedure, including braces, clear aligners, palatal expanders and elastics. One common reason for adjunctive orthodontic treatment is to create additional space inside the mouth to allow room for a replacement tooth.

Teeth naturally shift when a tooth is lost to fill the missing space. Though it may not be noticeable, this space may not be as big as it was before the tooth there was lost. Creating space for a replacement tooth is just one of many examples of adjunctive orthodontic services.

Benefits of Adjunctive Orthodontic Services

There are many benefits to adjunctive orthodontic treatment, and the exact benefits depend on the type of procedure performed and the purpose. Some of the benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • Improved oral health
  • Better teeth position
  • Proper spacing between teeth
  • Cosmetic improvements

Most cases of adjunctive orthodontic services are performed to allow for good oral health, such as to prevent periodontal pocket formation and cavities. However, almost every orthodontic procedure also has cosmetic benefits, including a straighter smile and better spacing between teeth.

When to see an orthodontist

Orthodontic treatment is ideal for anyone who is not entirely happy with their smile or could benefit from better oral health if they had straighter, properly spaced teeth. Dr. Yang may work alongside your dentist to provide comprehensive treatment for you.

Together, they help achieve better oral health, receive replacement teeth after tooth loss, and much more. At Yang Orthodontics, we offer free consultations, so you can find out how treatment might be beneficial at no cost.

If you’re interested to see if you could benefit from any orthodontic treatment, click here to schedule your free consultation at Yang Orthodontics. You can also schedule by giving us a call or sending us a text at 215-757-0864.

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