Dental Tooth Model with braces and temporary anchorage devices.


TAD’s are an orthodontic appliance used in conjunction with braces to speed up tooth movement and create a more effective orthodontic treatment.

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Yang Orthodontics has the capability to transform smiles using rubber bands and little pieces of metal and plastic to move teeth into the perfect spots. For certain adjustments, a revolutionary orthodontic device called a TAD is used. “TADs,” also known as Temporary Anchorage Devices, are small titanium alloy mini – screws that are used not only to create quicker tooth movement, but to also move certain teeth while keeping others still.

Why Would I Need TADs?

Teeth constantly shift in your mouth without you even knowing it. The reason for this is because your gums do not hold teeth in a static position. Think of your gums as a thick jello where the teeth are held. That’s why, oftentimes, if a person stops wearing retainers after their orthodontic treatment, unwanted tooth movement occurs.

When a tooth requires a strong force to move it, the most popular method of using other teeth as anchors will not work; the anchor point (other tooth) can end up moving itself or there just may not be a tooth in the most optimal orthodontic anchorage. 

TAD’s are a great orthodontic appliance to help fix the following problems:

  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Fix gaps created by missing teeth
  • Straighten molars
  • Pull impacted permanent teeth into place
  • Aid in repairing broken jaw
  • Anchor for additional orthodontic appliance

What is the Treatment Procedure Like?

At Yang Orthodontics, the entire treatment procedure for TADs is quick and painless. A local anesthetic is used at and around the area where the TAD will be placed from the very beginning.

Once the area is numb, Dr. Yang will begin the process of gently placing the small screw through the gum and into the jaw bone. While the TAD is being placed, you may feel a slight pressure.

After the appliance is placed, an elastic band or metal spring is attached from the TAD to the tooth needed to move and that’s it! The entire procedure can take as little as 10 minutes. 

Previous ways of shifting hard to move teeth included the use of uncomfortable and bulky headgear. Now, with the use of TADs, you have a small and discreet screw that is hardly noticeable that can perfect your smile. TADs are not a necessary treatment option for everyone. They can, however, be an alternative to orthognathic surgery in some cases. It opens up options that were not available with conventional orthodontic treatment.

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