Braces Color Picker

How to Choose your Braces Colors

If you have braces, you may be wearing the same color ties for up to a couple months between appointments. We recommend picking colors that you feel confident with. One of the most important things to consider when choosing your colors is if you want your braces to be discreet or stand out. It’s also important to think about if you want your teeth to appear whiter or if you want to be festive for any upcoming holidays. You can even wear colors for your favorite sports team! 

Least Noticeable Braces Colors

Whether it’s personal or professional, some patients prefer to have more discreet braces.

If that’s the case for you and you don’t have braces yet, you may want to ask about ceramic braces or clear aligners during your consultation. They are less visible alternatives to traditional metal braces. If you already have or will be getting metal braces, then tooth-colored (not white- your teeth will look yellowed), light gray, or light silver bands will be your best choice.

Any light colors are prone to staining, so try to avoid foods and beverages that are known to stain (coffee, tea, wine and dark juices, etc.) during your orthodontic treatment. If you do happen to encounter these types of foods or beverages, brushing your teeth and braces afterwards, or even rinsing with water, will help maintain the light color.

Colors that Stand Out

Bright colors, like yellow, and colors not typically seen in the mouth, such as teal, are sure to stand out. Multiple colors stand out even more! You can get different colors on your top, bottom, odd and even teeth. Individual color choices for each tooth are an option, too. Try a rainbow or different color gradients if you wish!

How to Make your Teeth Appear Whiter

Dark colors in general will make the teeth appear whiter. The darker the color, the brighter your teeth will look due to greater contrast. Some patients like to avoid black and dark gray because it can resemble tooth decay. To avoid that issue, you could stick with dark blues and purples.

Other Ideas for Choosing Braces Colors

Coordinating colors for an upcoming holiday can help you decide which braces colors you want. Seasonal colors are a fun way to switch things up as well. For example, red and green are popular around Christmas, and blues are popular in the winter. Sports team’s and school colors can also provide some inspiration. You can pick a color similar to your eyes to make your eyes stand out more.

Put your imagination to the test with infinite braces color possibilities! Since you’ll be in braces for months to years, the most important thing is to have fun with it. We know your braces will look great with any colors!

At Yang Orthodontics we offer more than just standard metal braces. We can also fix your smile using more discrete ceramic braces or stylish gold braces. Click here to schedule a free consultation or call or text us at  215-757-0864!

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