Person smiling with ceramic braces on.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are a great alternative to standard metal braces that are a more discrete option to getting the smile of your dreams.

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Are you interested in braces as an orthodontic treatment, but not a fan of how visible they can be with the metal brackets? Then ceramic braces might be a great option for you! 

Ceramic braces are different from traditional metal braces in that they use a tooth-colored or clear ceramic brackets that make the braces virtually blend in with your teeth. Traditional braces come in gray or metallic silver brackets and wires and are fun to spice up with uniquely colored ligature ties (the small rubber band on each bracket).

Are Ceramic Braces Right For Me?

Ceramic braces are great for those that want a less visible alternative to traditional braces or don’t have a compatible lifestyle for clear aligners. If you’re interested in finding out if braces or Invisalign is best for you, click here to take our 60 second quiz!

If you’re working a full time job, are in college or have a career where you interact with a lot of people, ceramic braces may also be a great treatment option for you! Ceramic braces are a subtle treatment option since the color of the brackets is nearly identical to the color of your teeth.

Who We Recommend Ceramic Braces For

At Yang Orthodontics, we recommend ceramic braces for those that have all of their adult teeth in. This ensures less likelihood of brackets breaking since ceramic tends to be a little more brittle than metal.

If getting ceramic braces as a treatment interests you, click here to schedule a free consultation or call/text us at  215-757-0864!

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