Person smiling with gold braces.

Gold Braces

Gold Braces are a flashy alternative to standard metal braces that will also leave you with a radiant and healthy smile!

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Gold Braces are just one more alternative option to traditional stainless steel braces offered at Yang Orthodontics.  Gold braces work the same as traditional metal braces. They are an appliance used in an orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth and fix a misaligned bite in an effective and efficient manner. It takes an average of 12-24 months to complete braces treatment. The only difference is that gold braces can give you a little extra spice to make a fashion statement and really stand out from the crowd.

Are Gold Braces Right For Me?

At Yang Orthodontics, our gold braces are plated with real gold! This can be extremely beneficial for those that have a nickel allergy. Nickel can be found in standard stainless steel braces, which has the potential of causing an allergic reaction for those susceptible. 

Gold braces are also an excellent choice for you if you want something that blings out your smile. These look more like a piece of jewelry in your mouth rather than a treatment appliance. If you’re someone that enjoys a little extra attention and likes to wear gold jewelry, gold braces may be the perfect match for you!

Do Gold Braces Have Any Drawbacks?

There are really only two issues you may experience with gold braces. First, depending on your current shade of teeth, gold braces can make your teeth appear to be a tint of yellow. Second, depending on your insurance carrier, they may not cover the price difference between traditional braces to gold braces if you go that route.

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