Invisalign clear aligners, carrying case, packaging and cleaning crystals for aligners.

Invisalign Express (Smile Touch Up)

Invisalign Express is a quicker and easier solution to getting the smile you’ve always wanted!

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Yang Orthodontics is proud to be able to provide Invisalign Express to all qualified patients! Invisalign Express is an orthodontic treatment that’s perfect for those with orthodontic issues of mild crowding or spacing issues that are looking for a quick, yet effective treatment. 

An iTero scanner showing a digitized before and after of a patient's teeth.

A typical Invisalign Express journey can be anywhere from 3-6 months and require between 5-10 Invisalign trays for the entire treatment. This is a significantly shorter treatment time than standard Invisalign, which can last anywhere from 12-24 months and require 20-30 alignment trays to shift teeth into their desired position. 

Benefits of Invisalign Express

  • Virtually invisible
  • Shorter journey to a beautiful smile
  • Fewer in-office visits
  • Less cost than traditional Invisalign or braces treatment
  • No food restrictions

The Invisalign Express Process

  • Come in for a FREE consultation. 
    • You will receive a 3D x-ray and a 3D model of your teeth using our iTero scanner.
    • Dr. Yang will then consult you on your Invisalign Express custom treatment plan and show a digitized model of your teeth before and after treatment is completed.
  • Pickup the first round of Invisalign Express clear aligner trays from Yang Orthodontics.
  • Wear each set of aligners for approximately 2 weeks.
  • Every 8-10 weeks, visit Yang Orthodontics for a checkup to make sure treatment is on track to providing the perfect smile.
  • Average Invisalign Express treatment time varies from 3-6 months depending on the case.
Hand holding up an Invisalign, clear aligner tray.

Are You a Candidate for Invisalign Express?

Invisalign Express offers a fast and effective treatment, compared to standard Invisalign or traditional braces, to get you the smile of your dreams in as little as 3-6 months. There are certain criteria that must be met in order for you to be able to receive this special treatment. Take a look below to see if Invisalign Express is right for you!

  • Minimum spacing/crowding (less than 2mm per arch)
  • Minor midline shifting (less than 2mm correction)
  • Minimum dental expansion required (less than 2mm)
  • Minor rotation of the cuspids, bicuspids and incisors

If you would like to learn more or see if Invisalign Express would be the right treatment for you, schedule a free consultation or give us a call/text at 215-757-0864.

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