Teeth model with InBrace installed on the back of the teeth.


For those looking to get the smile of their dreams without anyone even knowing, InBrace is the perfect choice!

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If you’ve been interested in an orthodontic treatment but don’t like the visibility of braces or the extra care required with clear aligners, then InBrace might be a great treatment option for you! 

InBrace is a revolutionary type of lingual brace which are braces that are placed on the inside of your teeth. That means no visible wires, no visible brackets and no removable trays to have to worry about while working towards a beautiful smile.

3 Staples of InBrace

Gentleforce Technology

Gentleforce technology has the capability to find the shortest path for each tooth to move into the perfect position. It does this by using three dimensional computer modeling along with AI algorithms. With a more efficient tooth movement, it not only shortens the duration of your treatment but also makes it a much more comfortable one; since InBrace does not need to apply as much force as traditional braces to shift teeth.

InBrace Smartwires

InBrace uses Smartwires, which are different from wires used with traditional braces. Using GentleForce technology, each Smartwire loop is computer designed for the most optimal tooth movement. With Smartwires, patients are able to brush and floss their teeth normally all while transforming their smile!

Slim Fit Ligation System

InBrace has a patented slim fit bracket system that is truly friction free. This innovation allows InBrace to create a low profile bracket that delivers superior torque with a round wire and reduces irritation on your gums, teeth and tongue. 

Benefits of InBrace

InBrace offers 3 key benefits that can make it a prime candidate as a treatment option for you:

Conveniently Hidden

Being completely hidden, InBrace is ideal for anyone with an active and social lifestyle. With no visible wires, brackets or clear trays over your teeth, your confidence can radiate while your smile is getting straighter every day! On top of that, because InBrace is placed behind your teeth, oral hygiene is a breeze!

Treatment That Fits Your Needs

InBrace is a versatile treatment that can correct a variety of orthodontic issues from spacing issues to crowded teeth to overbites and much more. Schedule an appointment with Yang Orthodontics here to see if InBrace is a viable option for your case. 

Made For Your Lifestyle

InBrace is a lifestyle oriented orthodontic treatment. There’s nothing to remove and you’re able to brush and floss without the need for special threaders. With InBrace you can continue to live your life all while working towards a straighter smile!

To see if InBrace is right for you, click here to book a FREE consultation or call/text us at  215-757-0864.

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