Our Tech

At Yang Orthodontics, we use the latest tech to provide the highest quality orthodontic care for our patients. Our 3-D technology gives accurate dental impressions for reliable treatment, while also eliminating the need for messy alginate molds.

Orthodontic technology used for scanning teeth.

Goodbye putty trays, hello iTero!

Your smile journey at Yang Orthodontics starts with a 3-D digital impression of your teeth. Using iTero, we can take your dental impressions with a camera. iTero then creates a 3-D model of your teeth and gums on the computer.

itero half n half

In-depth treatment with 3-D X-Rays

In addition to iTero, Yang Orthodontics utilizes three-dimensional technology with our x-rays. This allows Dr. Yang to not only look at the alignment of your teeth, but also skeletal issues such as jaw placement and TMJ, airway openings, and missing or extra teeth!


Three-dimensional dental printing

We use in-house dental grade 3-D printing to create models, retainers, and aligners right here in our office. Digitized workflow at Yang Orthodontics provides an accurate smile design with individual tooth movement for the results you want.

teeth mold lower only

Text Enabled VoIP Phone System and Open Communication

Did you know that you can text us directly? You can even send a picture of your teeth anytime during your treatment plan for a virtual assessment. Our internet-based phone service allows our patients to connect with us through texting.

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