Ambassador Program

If you’re loving your smile journey at Yang Orthodontics and want to learn how you can make up to $100+ from posting on social media a few times, then keep reading!

Yang Orthodontics is looking for energetic and upbeat collaborators to join our ambitious team of professionals. The ideal candidate for this position will be outgoing, honest, intelligent, reliable, and ready to become the Ambassador of the Yang Gang for everyone that enters our doors.

We’re experts in teeth and now we need your social media expertise to help us out!



Our Ambassador Program and Benefits


  1. Sign the Content Creator Agreement and submit the ambassador application (parent or guardian must sign if under 18)
  2. Create a fun post of your braces or Invisalign journey on the previously listed platforms
  3. Tag @yangorthodonticspa and use any of the following hashtags 
    • #yangorthodontics #yangbrandambassador #yangsmilejourney
  4. Submit Digital Ambassador Redemption Form
  5. Select the gift card of your choice-amounts are based on the following:
    • Story Post $5 gift card
    • Static Post $10 gift card
    • Short Videos: (i.e., IG Reels, Tiktok, Youtube Shorts) $20 gift card 
    • Long Videos: (i.e., Youtube videos 3 min or longer) $30 gift card
    • “Viral” Videos get bonuses! Share a screenshot of the insights for redemption
      • 10k-50k Views: Additional $25 bonus
      • 50k-100k Views: Additional $50 bonus
      • 100k+ Views: Additional $100 bonus 
    • Any other form of content/posts related to orthodontics on platforms not listed above may be submitted for internal review. Be creative!
    • Cross-posting the same content will earn an extra $2 bonus for stories/static posts and a $4 bonus for videos for each platform.
  6. Cannot use new accounts. Account must be at least six months old with at least 100 organic connections, a.k.a., “followers, friends, subscribers, etc”.
  7. Private social media accounts must be mutually connected with Yang Orthodontics’ social media accounts.
  8. Ambassador’s content will be reviewed prior to redemption. Not all content may be eligible. We will review your submission and return to you as soon as we can.
  9. You will receive a link via email or text from a company called “Tremendous” for your e-gift card. This is not spam. Once the gift card has been issued from our office, we cannot retrieve it. Please confirm your email and phone carefully.  

*Max of ONE post per week for gift card redemption

*Rules subject to change

*Program may terminate at any time

*Ambassador’s content will be reviewed before redemption, not all content may be eligible

*Failure to comply with guidelines may result in termination of the Ambassador status

*Only current and former patients and parents are eligible to participate

* Ambassador status may be revoked at any time





Click below to submit your social media posts(s) for review

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