Patient Resources

Your First Visit

Take a glance at what to expect when you come to Yang Orthodontics for your first all-inclusive consultation.  

Child getting an xray of their teeth.
Mother and daughter sitting at a table across from a dental coordinator.


Check out our page of the most frequently asked questions we receive about orthodontics and the services we provide.


Check out our pricing options and use our pricing calculator to find the perfect rate for you!

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Our Blog

Take a glance at our blog. We cover a variety of topics from dealing with orthodontic emergencies to top orthodontic treatments for adults and more.

Our E-book

Check out our free E-book that lays out a parent’s guide to orthodontics. This E-book covers everything from the available treatments for a child to the entire process of the treatment and more.

An orthodontic book next to an E-book version.
Young girl drawing a rainbow on a window with a marker.

Rainbow Passage

If you have just received an orthodontic treatment, check out our Rainbow Passage to help you with adapting your speech to the new appliance.

Braces Problems and Solutions

Take a glance at common problems that may occur with braces along with the solutions to fix them.

Girl with purple glasses smiling with braces.
Orthodontic doctor, care coordinator and patients smiling at each other in a consultation room.

Insurance Options

For all your insurance questions when it comes to an orthodontic treatment, check out this insurance FAQ page.

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