Accelerated Orthodontics

For people wearing braces or clear aligners, the first questions almost always revolve around how long they will need to wear their orthodontic devices for. 

Many factors affect teeth movement—like environmental, genetics, types of treatments, and malocclusions—and they all contribute to the final result. Generally, 18–24 months is the expected timeframe for a beautiful smile and a shiny new set of chompers.

accelerated orthodontics

With the evolution of technology, there are new emerging complementary treatment options that help to speed up the process of getting the smile of your dreams. An accelerated orthodontic treatment requires regular orthodontic devices (metal or ceramic braces, Invisalign, or lingual brace), and is used in combination with them. 

This blog will cover several different types of emerging technologies that can help decrease treatment time and help improve your overall orthodontic experience.

Orthodontic Vibration Device

Orthodontic Vibration Device

An Orthodontics Vibration Device delivers gentle vibrations to stimulate the bones around your teeth. This small vibrating tool is used daily to assist aligners, ease pain, and possibly aid in moving teeth. The latest research shows inconclusive results on high-frequency vibration with accelerated tooth movement but our belief is that more comfortable wear and complete seating of the aligner will result in more predictable treatment results. 

This handy little gadget is easy to use with simple instructions and a compact design. When used at home for just five minutes a day, this tool helps alleviate pain and aids in tracking aligners for a more comfortable fit. To learn more about this tool click here.

MOP (Micro Osteoperforation)

Micro Osteoperforation

Micro-Osteoperforations (MOPs) is a University developed technology, used to speed up the process of tooth movement. MOPs have been shown to speed up bone remodeling by as much as 62%. 

It works by creating tiny holes along a patient’s gums line. These holes create microfractures within the bone that then trigger the local osteoclasts and osteoblasts to respond. This sort of treatment is used in conjunction with an orthodontic treatment plan.

Light Therapy

light therapy accelerated orthodontics

Light Accelerated Orthodontics is a treatment method that uses low levels of laser light to stimulate the bones surrounding the roots of the affected tooth for enhanced and faster tooth movement. The device emits low-intensity infrared light to improve tooth movement while keeping light emission at a minimum for patients.

This device is an innovative, easy-to-use appliance that allows patients to move their teeth without pain. Patients simply wear the system for ten minutes each day, activating the light-emitting diode (LED) lights to stimulate bone growth and tooth alignment. These devices are designed to fit comfortably inside the mouth and are made of soft silicone rubber.

Periodontal Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics

Periodontal Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics

This form of treatment is a periodontal surgery that involves making cuts or removal of alveolar bone under your gums. The goal is to demineralize the bone so that it becomes weaker, allowing your teeth to move faster during your orthodontic treatment. The stage where the bone is demineralized is called the osteoporosis phase where the bone is less resistant and allows for faster root movement.

No one wants an extended orthodontic treatment. Gain the edge with these treatment options that are used in conjunction with your standard orthodontic treatment plan to help speed up treatment time and improve overall comfortability. To learn which accelerated orthodontics treatment options you’re a candidate for, schedule a free consult here or call us at (215) 757-0864.


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