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Back to School with Braces

Summer is the time of year of sun kissed skin, outdoor activities, cookouts, and new braces. Now that summer has drawn to a close, a new school year has begun. If your child was one of the many to get braces this past summer, they have a whole additional set of responsibilities that come along with wearing braces and perfecting their smile. Yang Orthodontics is here to ease yours and your child’s transition as they head back to school with braces. Keep on reading down below as we provide several tips and tricks that will make caring for braces a breeze.

Braces Care Kit

Just like having a pencil case with all the tools needed for class, your child should also carry with them a small travel sized braces care kit. This will typically be provided by the orthodontist that is caring for your child’s smile, however, below is a list of everything that should be included in the care kit so your child is prepared for general care as well as minor unexpected issues.

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Dental Floss
  • Orthodontic Wax
  • Orthodontic Rubber Bands
  • Chapstick

Yang Orthodontics recommends brushing teeth after every meal when wearing braces. At school this can be a little more difficult, that’s why carrying a travel sized toothbrush, toothpaste and floss can ease the process of getting a quick brush and floss in after lunch or other meals. Orthodontic wax, rubber bands and chapstick are good “just in case” tools for the braces care kit. The wax and chapstick should be kept on hand in case of gum irritation or lip dryness which can oftentimes be exacerbated with braces. The rubber bands should be kept in case the ones being worn end up ripping.

Packing Lunch With Braces in Mind

While at home during the summer, it’s manageable to monitor food restrictions for your child and make sure they are consuming braces friendly foods. However, when they get to school, it becomes a whole different ball game. If buying school lunches, Yang Orthodontics recommends looking over the lunches for the week to determine what is braces friendly for your child to consume.

Some things to look out for to avoid, include:

  • Crunchy (chips, nuts, pretzels, popcorn)
  • Chewy (gummy bears, laffy taffys, caramel, dried fruit, starbursts)
  • Hard ( apples, beef jerky, carrots, hard candy)

When packing lunches, it’s always best to pack primarily soft foods which are best for braces such as bananas, soft meats, cheeses, soups..etc.

Sports Safety

With the fall sports in full swing, it’s important more than ever for your child to keep their teeth protected. Yang Orthodontics recommends wearing a mouthguard while having braces not just for contact sports that require mouthguards, but also sports that could have the potential of contact such as basketball or baseball.

There are many companies that offer mouthguards specifically designed for braces such as Shock Doctor, Opro, Under Armour and more.

Going back to school can be a difficult time for some kids, especially if they have the added responsibility of taking care of their new braces. At Yang Orthodontics our goal is to help you and your child be prepared for the journey to a new smile. If you would like to schedule a free consultation, click here; or just give us a call at 215-757-0864!

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